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Till the Clouds Roll By

Till the Clouds Roll By
Starring - Robert Walker as Jerome Kern, Van Heflin as James Hessler, Judy Garland as Marilyn Miller, Lena Horne as Julie from Showboat, Paul Langton as Oscar Hammerstein, Dorothy Patrick as Eva Kern, Joan Well as the young girl Sally Kessler Lucille Bremer as adult Sally Hessler, Frank Sinatra as the star in the big finale,
Directed by - Richard Whorf, Vincente Minnelli

(1946) - Color - 132 min
tells the story of one of America's greatest songwriters - Jerome Kern. His list of classics is nearly endless - including Smoke Gets in your eyes, Old Man River, The Way You Look Tonight, A Fine Romance and Look for the Silver Lining. Plus 1000 others. Jerome Kern was nothing short of amazing. This film tries to straddle the line between a biography and a Broadway Show - with mixed results. Still, Jerome Kern led a fascinating life and his songs are as remarkable today as they were when he wrote them.

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And what a star-studded cast - including Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Van Johnson, Lena Horne, Angela Landsbury, Cyd Charisse, Dinah Shore, June Allyson, Van Heflin and Robert Walker, as Jerome Kern. With a cast like that - you can expect some amazing song and dance scenes and this movie offers many scenes with the great ones giving a tribute performance to a legendary songwriter, Jerome Kern.

Frank Sinatra has got it going on in the big finale

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc. This film meanders between a Broadway stage production and a compelling biography - and such was the life of Jerome Kern. Watch some great scenes from Showboat including Lena Horne just nailing it - and a huge production of Old Man River. Jerome Kern died on November 11, 1945 and this tribute was made in 1946.

Part two
A young Kern tries to take his music to a famous producer and arranger named James Hessler. Hessler (Van Heflin) tells him he's out of the business. Sally Hessler, his young daughter takes a shining to Jerome and soon they are all like family, and Sally calls him Uncle Jerome. After that, they are off to London, because British songwriters are the current rage on Broadway.

Part three
In London, Jerome meets his one true love, Eva - played by Dorothy Patrick. He does his best to woo her - but oh my, not sure about that striped sports coat on the gondola. Just when things are going swell with his girl, Jerome has to rush off to NYC for a big production. Dinah Shore shines in They Wouldn't Believe Me.

Lena Horne performs a song from Showboat

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