Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Louis Prima - Felicia No Capicia

Potato Head Blues - Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington - Mr Gentle, Mr Cool

Helen Shapiro Sings "Look Who It Is"

 Look who it is
Fancy you meeting you suddenly
Well look who it is
I can see you remember me

Yes I wanted to believe
I just didn’t need you
Then started feeling blue

Look who it is
It’s me and I still love you

Well look who it is
Did you think I’d forgotten you
I realize, that you may
Have found, someone new

But I just can not pretend
That I haven’t missed you
Why did I let you go

Look who it is
It’s me and I love you so

Baby now I realize
I made a big mistake
There are tear drops in my eyes
And my hear is about to break

Well look who it is
With his hand reaching out for mine
Well look who it is
Everything’s gonna turn out fine
Oh I have waited soo long
And prayed that id meet you
You with all your chores

Look who it is
And you’re in my arms ( 3x)