Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Tornadoes Telstar

A trippy mix of space-age effects and distortions using an electronic instrument called the clavioline. Unique and imaginative (and unable to write music or play an instrument!) producer Joe Meek wrote this song and named it after a recently launched AT&T communications satellite. He hired club/house band The Tornadoes to record it, and then added more effects afterwards. The song was an immediate hit; however, due to a plagiarism lawsuit by French composer Jean Ledrut (eventually ruled in Meek’s favor), Meek would see no royalties in his lifetime. Meek was a flamboyant personality dealing with paranoia, a obsession with the occult, and his homosexuality. There have been many songs, a play, and a major movie later this year with Kevin Spacey (not as Meek) about his life.

Trivia: Meek was also obsessed with Buddy Holly, and would eventually kill himself and his landlady eight years to the day of Holly’s death.

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