Sunday, November 11, 2007

Judy Garland and Mel Tormé sing "The Trolley Song."

From the 1964 Judy Garland Show on CBS, the lady herself and Mel Tormé sing "The Trolley Song." Tormé was a recurring guest star on the show, as well as being the guy in charge of putting together songs and special musical material every week. Shortly after this was taped, he and Judy had a falling-out and he was fired...not a huge loss for Mel because the show was already teetering on the verge of cancellation and Ms. Garland would be fired a few weeks later.

Several years later, after Garland was dead, Mr. Tormé wrote a book about his experiences on the series. It was called The Other Side of the Rainbow, With Judy Garland on the Dawn Patrol and while it professed love and admiration for Judy, it sure didn't make her out to be a very nice or stable person. I've met about a half dozen people who worked on the show and I've always asked them how accurate it was. Unanimous reply: Not very. They all say Tormé made himself look good at the expense of others and the truth, though they've split evenly on whether Garland was fairly depicted.

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Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

Mel Torme proved himself to be a petty and vindictive man when he published that book on Judy Garland. Not to mention a liar!
The book Rainbows End very nicely points out the major flaws and untruths in Torme's book.
If you want to learn about the real Judy please visit The Judy Garland Experience.